Spring ’23 Rec Roster Assignments are being published


Please find the attached roster. The player management system has been down, so we manually sorted this list.  If there is a problem, please direct ALL roster issues to Ron  Please be patient if additional players are added later or any changes have to be made (but feel free to go ahead and contact the parents). 

Please contact your roster by February 28th at the latest. We suggest you form a (free) GroupMe group and add your parents to it. This will be a good place to make team announcements. 

Common roster problems include:
– The player registered as male but is actually female, registered as the parent’s name, or the phone number or email address are misspelled
– The player mistyped their birth year and is in the wrong age bracket. (Age bracket charts are in the rec faq on website for reference)
– A player requested XYZ. Sometimes these requests can be accomodated, but sometimes the league is not able to accomodate the request.  

You only need to send these issues to Ron if you cannot sort them on your own.  

Thank you,
Centex Storm Rec Team