Centex Storm will adhere to the WDDOA Referee Zero Tolerance Policy.

Centex endorses and supports good sportsmanship and fair play. Furthermore, we are very interested in providing a healthy, learning and competitive environment for our players, referees, parents and fans. Due to the increase of abusive and intimidating behavior towards our referees and in too many cases, our youth referees, we have adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.

It is the responsibility of ALL coaches/players/parents to maintain the highest standards of conduct for themselves, their players and supporters in all matches. Abusive, confrontational and obscene language, violent play/conduct, fighting, inciting, escalating and other behavior detrimental to individuals, the game and the sport will not be tolerated. A coach’s/player’s/parent’s responsibility for referee
support and spectator control includes the times prior to, during and after the game at the field and surrounding areas, including parking lots.

All persons responsible for a team and all of the spectators shall support the referee at all times. Failure to do so will undermine the referee’s authority and has the very real potential of creating a hostile environment for the players, the referee and all of the other participants and spectators. Escalation to violence can easily result.


NO ONE is to address the referee or make comments on or about a referees call or non-call while present at any Centex sanctioned event.

Exceptions for Coaching Staff or player During Match:
   1) Responding to a referee initiated communication
   2) Making Substitutions
   3) Pointing out emergencies or safety issues

If a coach approaches a referee or steps on to the field to challenge a call,  
they may be asked to leave the game and the incident will be reviewed.

Exceptions for Coaching Staff or player at Half Time or end of game:
   1) Asking for an explanation of a call or a rule
   2) Providing polite & friendly feedback

Exceptions for fans, spectators, others:
   1) Responding to a referee initiated communication

ALL conversations are to be in a polite, respectful tone of voice. No sarcasm or intimidation will be tolerated.

Initial Minor Infraction – Verbal Warning (one time)
Major Infraction – Warning (caution) or Dismissal (ejection) depending on seriousness of infraction.
Referral to Centex D&P committee for review.

STYSA - Discipline, Protest, Grievance and Appeal Procedures

Updated 3.10.2021 with changes approved at the March 7, 2021 GBM

4.9.3. Misconduct by Fan / Supporter. The parents, fans or supporters of any STYSA team by attending a STYSA sponsored event subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the member association and its affiliates, the STYSA Appeals Committee, Executive Committee and the
STYSA Governing Board. Therefore, misconduct by a spectator, parent, fan or supporter can be investigated and disciplinary action can be taken by any of the various levels which have jurisdiction over the team involved. Spectators, parents, fans, or supporters of any
STYSA team who are sent away from the field of play by a referee or a competition official shall receive an immediate two (2) week suspension or until a hearing is held, whichever comes first, and may not be present at any STYSA or USYSA sanctioned activity, including but not limited to games, practices, practice games, tournaments, or friendly games, during such period. If disciplinary sanctions in addition to the above automatic suspension are not imposed at the local level, the STYSA Appeals Committee may investigate the matter and hold a
hearing to determine what disciplinary actions, if any, should be provided, and pursuant to such hearing, may impose such additional disciplinary sanctions as it determines to be appropriate. Such discipline can include, but is not limited to, prohibiting the spectator,
parent, fan or supporter from attending any STYSA sponsored event, including games, practices and tournaments, for a period of time or indefinitely. The failure to comply with the discipline imposed, either automatically or at any level of authority, shall be sufficient cause for the STYSA Appeals Committee to discipline the player related to the spectator, parent, fan or supporter; the team which the spectator, parent, fan or supporter supports; and/or the coach of such team. (Changed 2.22.2015)