Centex Soccer will adhere to the same policy WDDOA, CAYSA, STYSA policy.

Monitoring weather conditions is the responsibility of game officials, coaches, tournament directors and club administrators. Everyone should be aware of the potential dangers posed by different weather conditions and work together to keep the players and other participants as safe as possible. It is strongly recommended that clubs purchase weather radios and lightning detectors and have them available for on-site monitoring. Coaches may wish to consider obtaining their own weather radios and lightning detectors.

Severe Storms

Severe storms can produce high winds, heavy rain, hail, lightning, thunder and tornados. If a severe storm approaches the playing area, the safety of the players must be the number one priority for coaches and referees, and may require that the game be suspended while shelter is sought. In the event the game is suspended; all participants must clear the field immediately and seek appropriate shelter.

Lightning and Thunder

Lightning can strike up to 10 miles away from a thunderstorm. The danger from lightning can persist for 30 minutes or more after a thunderstorm has passed. The National Weather Service does not issue watches or warnings for lightning by itself; however, the National Weather Service does advise that if you see a lightning bolt or hear thunder, you seek shelter immediately and wait 30 minutes before resuming outdoor activity. Should a lightning detector be available, it should be monitored regularly throughout the duration of the event. Activity should be suspended so that the fields can be cleared by the time lightning reaches 10 miles away from the event location.
When lightning is observed as detailed above, all soccer activity must be stopped immediately. The fields must be cleared and all participants must seek shelter in a safe place such as a car or enclosed building. Keep car windows rolled up and avoid contact with metal and other conducting materials. Avoid open structures, tents, canopies, trees, and other unprotected areas. Soccer activity shall not resume for a minimum of 30 minutes following the last lightning or thunder observed.