Technical Resources

Table of Contents

A. Dribbling
B. Defending
C. Shooting
D. Passing

A. Dribbling

The purpose of this video collection is to show basic techniques that will help your player have more confidence on the ball.  Individual coaches may choose to focus on different techniques, or if they teach these, they will likely teach differently than the videos do. 

Learning to Dribble

At the U5/U6 level, the kids are going to focus on playing mini-games and having fun. Coaches try to “disguise” the teaching as mini-games, like shark and minnows. In the mini-games, these are the skills that we are trying to teach:

  • 3 Techniques for Youth Players – In practice, we’re not trying to do this as drills like in the video. The techniques are what we are trying to do in the mini-games during practice. The drills are good to do at home.
    • “Inside inside” dribbles while moving side to side
    • “Inside outside same foot” 
    • “Toe touches”
  • Shielding the Ball
  • Dribbling Better – Focuses on form
    • Dribbling with top of foot (laces) to run with the ball
    • Keeping your head up
    • Don’t hesitate. Go at the defender and beat them
    • Exploding past the defender when you do beat them

Ball Control to Beat Defenders

These are skills that are likely to be introduced at the U7/U8 level. These skills build on the skills in the section above.  

Advanced Dribbling Moves

These are more advanced moves. These are for older kids and come after the skills above have been thoroughly practiced. These are just a few advanced moves that you can practice to beat those defenders:

And finally, this is just for style points.

B. Defending

C. Shooting

D. Passing

  • Give and go – a quick pass and passback to get behind defenders