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A. Formations

These resources are still under construction…


Developing players, especially at the younger recreational ages, involves a gradual progression from only learning technical skills to becoming more and more aware of tactical skills. 

In the beginning, when the players are younger at the U5/U6 age, the development is focused almost exclusively on technical skills, specifically on dribbling and ball control. As the players age into the U7/U8 brackets, you start to introduce more technical skills around shooting and passing. You might introduce the idea of formations. When the player goes into the U9 bracket, the goals get bigger, goalkeepers are introduced, and there’s more players. It’s a quick jump into introducing more tactical elements into the game. 

If you’re coaching recreational, the technical skills page, especially (i) basic ball control (such as “inside inside sole roll”), (ii) shielding, and (iii) the basics of defending, are the most important skills for the player to become proficient at. Once the player has become proficient in those things OR the player is older, then the tactical skills should be introduced. 

A. Formations

Basic formations from US Soccer Learning with the ability to add player names