Soccer Season Informational Email 1 – Season starts in a few weeks!

Hey Centex Soccer Family!

We are excited to see you on the soccer pitch this season! We still have a few weeks before practices will start (there will be a later announcement with more exact dates), but it’s time to get your equipment ready. If you’re new to playing soccer, check out our FAQ for more detailed information about equipment, practices, games, and more. The FAQ link is here: 

Now’s a good time to make sure you have your soccer cleats, shin pads, and soccer ball. If everything goes well, practices will start within a couple of weeks either at the end of February or beginning of March. 

While you are working on your gear, our volunteer Centex Staff is sorting through the registrations, making teams, and assigning coaches. Your volunteer Centex Staff found here puts in a lot of work to make a soccer season happen! They deserve a big thank you if you see them on the fields. 

Inevitably though, we are going to need more coaches, especially at the 5U and 6U levels. If your player is impacted by a team that needs a coach, we’ll be reaching out to you directly to try to recruit more coaches. (No pressure though!) If you’d be interested in coaching, assistant coaching, or joining our volunteer staff, it’s not too late! We have about 70 coaches and assistant coaches, and we’d love for you to join the team.  We’ve put together resources on the Coach’s Corner on our website to help make it easier. Reach out to us at [email protected], and we’d love to chat.  

As soon as the teams and coaches are sorted out, then we will send another announcement letting you know that we’ve assigned the teams to the coaches. You won’t hear from your coach until AFTER that second email announcement. Remember, the coach is a person just like you and is volunteering! Be supportive and help anyway you can. Talk to your coach about helping!

Your team coach will tell you your practice times, practice locations, and game schedule (when it’s available). Your coach does not have 100% control over practice time or location. We are balancing many teams across a few fields. Most of the time, the fields will be shared by 3 or 4 Centex Storm teams practicing at the same time. Please be mindful of this. Your coaches’ space selection and the parent chairs need to be positioned so as not to block out the other teams.

Thank you for choosing to play with Centex Storm soccer. We do this because we love the game of soccer. We hope you have a good experience this year, and if you ever have questions or comments, please reach out to me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to help!

Thank you,

Anthony Woolstrum


Volunteer Recreational Coordinator